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We work to improve your financial credibility quickly so we can guarantee you a minimum of $100,000 in funding. We do this by helping to improve your credit, cashflow, and collateral. 

We only work with a limited number of new clients each month. In order to participate in our our grant-subsided program, you will first need to speak with us to determine if you are a good fit.  You can also ask any questions you have at that time and have no obligation.

You can schedule to talk to us HERE for a free consultation.

Video #1: Program Overview (3 minutes)

Video #2:  Program Specifics (10 minutes)

What is the upfront cost for the Credit & Funding Program?



We have access to over forty (40) different lender partners, some offer 0% interest.  In many cases, we can provide a working capital injection into your back account as well as financing the refundable set up fee.

What are the four main benefits of the Credit & Funding Program?

You can enroll in the Credit & Funding Program with no upfront cost and receive:

1.  Free assistance addressing derogatory (negative) credit;

2.  Fee assistance in adding new, positive trade lines; 

3.  $10,000 in assets transferred within 24 hours of enrollment; and 

4.  Guaranteed $100,000 capital raise in approximately 30 to 60 days.

How is it possible that $100,000 is guaranteed within approximately 30 days with the Credit & Funding Program?

Simply put, we address the “Three C’s” for you so you qualify for funding:

  1. Credit—we help by removing negative and adding positive tradelines, as applicable and needed

  2. Collateral—we can immediately transfer $100,000 of assets for the client to post to their financials

  3. Cash Flow—we provide a new stream of income (liquidating the receivables)

How long does it take for you to see tangible benefits after enrolling in the Credit & Funding Program?

24 hours. 

We’ll quickly start working on each client’s Three C’s immediately.

Are the Accounts Receivables transferred to the client “real”?

Absolutely.  The receivables that are transferred to you are real assets that can be immediately posted to your financials as a “current asset” serving as collateral for funding.  The receivables are real—money owed under legally enforceable contracts. 


If you would like, we’ll help you liquidate the receivables by invoicing you, credit reporting, and litigation.

Is the Credit & Funding Program a scam?

Obviously not.

  1. FTC and AG-compliant.

  2. Written agreement.

  3. We, literally, build the Three C’s of each participant AND improve their financial literacy.

  4. Assigned representative to provide personal assistance and support to each participant.


  • $250,000 software company, line of credit 

  • $975,000 anti-aging center, start-up loan 

  • $215,000 HVAC company, start-up loan 

  • $225,000 pet resort purchase 

  • $45,163 landscape company, 0% down equipment financing 

  • $42,597 construction company, working capital Ioan 

  • $350,000 freight logistics company, line of credit

  • $116,039 for an excavator. Funded in six days with 0% down. 72-month term

  • $3,693,000 Cannabis dispensary

  • $19,195,956 construction financing for 126 unit apartment complex

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