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"End Daily Fees, Free Yourself from Cash Advance Challenges, and Embrace Financial Freedom Today! Just upload your MCA Agreement, and let AI analyze your contract and expertly prepare the documents for your Pro Se relief."
Takes 6 Minutes
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We’re Here to Transform the Landscape of Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) companies, in their pursuit of profit, often engage in daily practices that border on fraud, frequently violating usury laws across various states. These unscrupulous entities exploit businesses by offering quick cash injections with exorbitant repayment terms, far exceeding legal interest rate limits.


The deceptive tactics employed involve hidden fees, ambiguous terms, and compounding rates, leaving merchants ensnared in a web of financial entanglement. Through these practices, MCA companies not only jeopardize the financial stability of businesses but also blatantly flout usury regulations, undermining the very fabric of fair and lawful lending practices.


The urgent need to expose and counteract these fraudulent maneuvers underscores the importance of services dedicated to liberating businesses from the clutches of such exploitative practices and facilitating legal avenues for financial recovery.

Takes 6 Minutes

"Your Trusted Partner in Escaping MCA Strangleholds"

Why Choose Us

  • Pro Se Empowerment: Take control of your financial destiny without the need for high-priced attorneys. It is designed for the self-driven individual who wants to navigate the legal landscape independently.
  • Resources at Your Fingertips: Our comprehensive guides and expertly crafted materials provide you with the resources needed to confidently complete the process on your own.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Avoid the financial strain of hiring an attorney while still benefiting from professional-grade resources. We are a budget-friendly option for those seeking financial freedom.

How We Work

Streamlined Resolution Doc Preparation


Our all-encompassing service specializes in document preparation for individuals seeking to challenge Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) through Pro Se civil procedures. Here's a glimpse into how our streamlined process unfolds:

Upload Your Contract: Secure and Seamless


  • Utilize our secure portal to upload your MCA contract effortlessly.

  • Your document is handled with utmost confidentiality, ensuring a seamless start to your financial resolution journey.

AI Document Analysis: Precision at Every Step

  • Our sophisticated AI technology systematically analyzes your contract, identifying key components crucial for eliminating your daily or weekly payments with your Merchant Cash Advance Company.*


  • Identify crucial terms related to Usury laws, setting the stage for your personalized resolution plan.

Our Qualification Process

Qualification Process: Ensuring Eligibility

  • Evaluate your eligibility for our preferred method based on the legal criteria necessary to challenge your MCA.


  • A transparent process ensures that you meet the qualifications required for Our Resolution Plan.

Customized Document Preparation: Tailored to Your Needs

  • Enjoy the convenience of a professionally prepared  document specific to your unique case.

  • Expertly crafted materials empower you to navigate the legal landscape with confidence, setting the stage for a successful resolution.


A Different Approach, Using a New Method of Artificial Intelligence

Financial Clarity Awaits:

  • Witness the power of Our Resolution Plan as you take control of your financial situation.

  • Halt daily fees and liberate yourself from the complexities of your MCA, all within the bounds of Artificial Intelligence.

Prefer to talk to a professional?
Takes 6 Minutes

"Where Your Success Becomes Reality!" Check out the Recent Success Cases

"Success Stories: Positive Case Outcomes in Similar Situations"


  • Step into the world of financial justice and explore the intriguing realm of Merchant Cash Advance outcomes. Delve into the cases that unravel the complexities of judges' decisions, shedding light on the impact these rulings have on businesses and borrowers alike.

  • Discover the legal twists and turns, the precedents set, and the lessons learned in this dynamic financial landscape. Whether you're an industry insider or simply curious about the intricacies of MCA, these cases provide a captivating glimpse into the legal side of this financial arena. Read on to uncover the stories that shape the future of Merchant Cash Advances.


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