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Fast Funding $10,000 in 24 hours

Are you looking for cash quickly?

We have an innovative solution to that problem.  


The Fast Funding Program was launched to provide three benefits with

ease and expediency:

  1. Improved balance sheet;

  2. Improved liquidity; and

  3. Improved cash flow.

Who do we help with Fast Funding?

It is designed for people who:

  1. don't yet qualify for a loan; and/or

  2. don't want to borrow money.

No minimum credit scores.  Not a loan--doesn't have to be paid back/no interest cost.

Simple process

  1. Complete the simple form below.

  2. We'll send you the Fast Funding agreement to complete.

  3. Within 24 hours of enrolling in the Fast Funding Program, we'll transfer $10,000 in accounts receivables for IMMEDIATE financial improvement.

  4. We will assist you in posting the assets to your financials AND liquidating the assets to cash.

Holding Bills

$10,000 Fast Funding
Inquiry Form

Learn how you can qualify for at least $10,000 in fast funding by filling out the form below, We will contact you shortly with more information. 

Thanks for submitting!

A man counting money


  • $250,000 software company, line of credit 

  • $975,000 anti-aging center, start-up loan 

  • $215,000 HVAC company, start-up loan 

  • $225,000 pet resort purchase 

  • $45,163 landscape company, 0% down equipment financing 

  • $42,597 construction company, working capital Ioan 

  • $350,000 freight logistics company, line of credit

  • $116,039 for an excavator. Funded in six days with 0% down. 72-month term

  • $3,693,000 Cannabis dispensary

  • $19,195,956 construction financing for 126 unit apartment complex

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