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Funding Offers to START or GROW a Business

Grant-subsidized Setup Cost
No Minimum Credit Score
No Minimum Income
No Minimum Time in Business

We make it easy for entrepreneurs to get funding to START or GROW a business with no upfront cost.

  • Find out how much funding you qualify for NOW and options to access even more funding

  • No minimum time in business.

  • Interest rates as low as 0%.

  • We work with the Chapman Fund provided through tax incentive capital, and over 40 different lenders willing to provide immediate funding offers.​

  • Due to a Grant we received, we are obligated to work with you by helping you have the documentation and credibility needed for a large business loan 


Online Business

By simply providing your name, phone, and email, we can help you obtain funding offers to START or GROW a business.  

  • No hard inquiries.

  • Get multiple offers with one shot.

  • You can select the offers you want and decline those you don’t.

  • Many funding sources available from our consortium of over forty (40) different lenders willing to  extend you a funding offer TODAY, including EIN-only loans, SBA loans with next day funding, start-up loans, etc.  

  • Most receive multiple funding offers (see real examples below).

  • Everyone gets at least one funding offer regardless of credit.

NOTE: Once we receive your inquiry, we will email you additional information on how you can qualify for at least $100,000 through our Program.


Through our grant-subsidized program, we strengthen each client’s file by improving your “Three C’s”

  • Improving personal and/or business profile (adding primary trade lines and blocking applicable negative items)

  • Transferring assets to provide collateral

  • Building capacity (documented income to show the funder the client can afford the loan), etc.

  • We WILL get you qualified for  funding in approximately 30 to 60 days.

  • We have over 40 lenders and 2 grant programs waiting to fund you. We follow their guidelines and get you to qualify so they WANT to fund you.


For more information on the program, please contact us using the form below. 


Learn how you can qualify in startup funding by filling out the form below, We will contact you shortly with more information. 

Thanks for submitting!

Business Handshake


  • $250,000 software company, line of credit 

  • $975,000 anti-aging center, start-up loan 

  • $215,000 HVAC company, start-up loan 

  • $225,000 pet resort purchase 

  • $45,163 landscape company, 0% down equipment financing 

  • $42,597 construction company, working capital Ioan 

  • $350,000 freight logistics company, line of credit

  • $116,039 for an excavator. Funded in six days with 0% down. 72-month term

  • $3,693,000 Cannabis dispensary

  • $19,195,956 construction financing for 126 unit apartment complex


© 2024 Corner Key Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. We do not provide consumer credit card debt settlement or provide tax, accounting, or legal advice. We are not a law firm. We work with a network of attorneys and paralegals. By providing your contact information, you agree to receive return telephone calls, emails, or other communications from Corner Key Partners and/or its affiliates and expressly waive any “No Call” preference or registration. 

Financing may be offered through Stearns Bank, N.A. or other third-party lenders. Neither South End Capital nor any lender makes any commitment to lend, representation or guaranty of any person’s eligibility for financing. Requested financing is subject to approval by the lender, and if applicable as to government-backed financing, the U.S. Government. South End Capital makes no commitment or guaranty as to the amount of referral fees or other income payable under the South End Capital Referral Partner program. All programs, promotions, and offers, implied or stated, are subject to change or cancellation without notice
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