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WE can buy your small business for full market value

If you have a seller-financed business note to sell, please click here

Would you like to sell your business, cash out, or simply retire? We would love to explore that opportunity with you.  Instead of paying a broker’s high commission and running through dog-and-pony shows, you may consider selling directly to our family-friendly firm. 
If you have a company, or are aware of any opportunities that might be a fit, please contact us.  We like service-oriented, small companies below $5 million in annual revenue. We will consider both healthy or distressed companies anywhere in the United States. 
We are actively seeking investment opportunities to build leading services companies through organic and acquisition-enhanced growth.  We are currently exploring additional opportunities in a variety of business services sectors.
Our investment philosophy centers on leveraging the operational experience of our team. We have many years of entrepreneurial and operational experience. We leverage that experience to enhance efficiency and performance. We corner growth while continuing to enable a company's management team to lead the business on a day-to-day basis. A key to our success is actively supporting our partners in developing and executing growth strategies.
In addition, we are also able to provide additional services to our investment partners. Accounting and finances, human resources, operations, technology  implementation and integration, marketing and communications, and back-office solutions to just name a few.


We can help you in various ways:


Instead of just closing your business one day, stopping everything you worked for and firing your employees, a better move is typically to have a plan.  


If you already have a buyer for your business and don’t want to sell to us, we can help your buyer get the funding needed to buy you out.  If your business Is their dream, and they need capital, please contact us.  We can help them get any amount over $30k.  


We can accept  minority ownership in successful businesses, or buy them outright.


We can provide the initial investment in brand new startups that have potential to become successful companies.


We specialize in service-based businesses because we believe in their outstanding potential for growth. We have a network of key relationships with investment bankers, business owners, accountants, attorneys, and many other sources to source our investment opportunities. Among the areas we target:

  • Expansion of Target Marketing

  • Sales Training and Education

  • Strategic partner integration 

  • Strengthening Financial Profile

  • Vendor/Outsourcing Optimization

Aligning the interests of our portfolio companies with our own is important. Transactions are typically structured so that key people remain motivated and committed. We limit ourselves to a small number of high-quality investments so we can give each portfolio company the attention, capital, and resources necessary produce significant results. With our focused approach, we expect each company realize the following:

  • Reduced overhead

  • Improved business processes

  • Increased market position

  • More robust service offerings

  • Increased scale of business

  • Greater market reach

  • Better Profitability


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